Small Living World is a mobile game about creating a living landscape.

The Tree Of Life at the center of the world.
Pandas living in a bamboo forest.

Each species have their own biome preference.

Everything live and die, it's only natural.
Water evaporates from lacs, climb up the sky, creates clouds and goes back to the ground.

Statistics are available, if you like them.
More than 24 type of plants and 16 animals are available.

A small forest of Sakura trees. Everything is possible.

Large ocean can accommodate vicious shark.
Birds like the atmosphere of an old forest.

In a relaxed environment, you are free to model your perfect forest at your own pace. There are more than 24 type of plants and 16 animals to introduce into the fully simulated ecosystem. The game is free, but microtransactions are used to permamently unlock some plants and animals.
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Yeah, finaly the game reaches 1 000 downloads. Great!
It took almost 3 month to reach this goal. The first weeks were difficult, but now I have a standy download rate.
In those 1 000 download, 200 are currently active. If think this is not too bad. I heard that for the average mobile app, 70% of the users are deleting the game on the same day. So having a retention rate of 20% doesn't sound bad.
Thanks everyone for your support.
Have fun.

Version 1.04.

The version 1.04 was released... last week. Sorry, I'm not very up-to-date with the website follow up.
Version 1.02 and 1.03 was released in december 2018. Now the 1.04 is the first version of 2019. It includes minor changes, and the free key promotion.
To reward players, I'm giving away free keys. I hope this will improve the retention rate and ultimatly raise sale ;). So if you want free keys , continue playing the game, the promotion module will offer them when awarded.

Version 1.01.

The version 1.01 was released today.
It mainly contains a major optimization to make the ground commands more fluide (add/sub rock, dirt, water). It may seems like nothing, but it was quit a thing to code.
Also a crash with the Sequoia was fixed. The tree was so big, that it falls into the code and make it crashes ;).

Official Release.

The game was officially released this week to the open public. Congratulation!
I didn't received a lot of feedback from the early access, so I jump directly to production. From all the extensive testings, I got only one crash (which will be fixed next release), and almost no minor issue. So, all is looking well. Sure, with all the different phone models, I'm prepared to received surprising issues, but I'm confident that the volume will be manageable.

So, if not already done, go download the game.

Nice Fix.

Today I fixed something interresting. When I first coded the animals movement algorithm, I used 2 settings. One value to detect the maximum descending slope, and another one for the maximum raising slope. Animals were able to go down on a more steppy ground, than when they climbing. That make perfect logical sense. BUT, the problem is, when animals go down a steep ground, they were never able to climb back. So, all animals ended up in the lower ground. To fix that, I now use the same value for climbing and descending.
Something, the best logical algorithm doesn't produced the best result.

Web Site Release

Web Site First release today, hooray!.
I don't count the very-old, and very crapy, previous one. But if your are interrested, it can be found here.

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